ESXi 5.0 Whitebox Hardware: AMD Motherboards

AMD Motherboards w/IOMMU Support

AMD Motherboards w/IOMMU Support

The following tables are a list of vetted and verified (and also unverified) AMD motherboards that work with ESXi 5.0 and specifically have IOMMU working for PCI passthrough.  Although other AMD motherboards may work with ESXi 5.0, this list deals with those specifically that have IOMMU support.  If you know of a motherboard that isn’t on this list, please let us know.

Table Notes: In the SATA section, if you see x+z, then this means there are x SATA ports, and z eSATA ports.  The x1, x4, x8, and x16 columns are PCI-e slots. All on-board NICs are Gigabit NICs and have been verified to work properly with ESXi 5.0.  The biggest boon in ESXi 5.0 for whiteboxes is that ESXi now recognizes the 81xx Realtek LAN chipsets that are used on so many consumer-level motherboards.  This has opened up compatibility to a wide selection of motherboards.  None of the motherboards listed here have more than 1 NIC on-board.

Chipsets: Several AMD chipsets support IOMMU, however, IOUMMU support must be properly enabled in the BIOS, through the inclusion of a ACPI IVRS table, and not all motherboards have this.  An unvetted table will follow the vetted table, followed by a final table listing motherboards proven NOT to have IOMMU support.

Consumer AMD Chipsets supporting IOMMU: AMD 890FX, AMD 970, AMD 990X, AMD 990FX.
Server AMD Chipsets supporting IOMMU: SR5650/SR5670/SR5690

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