ESXi Configuration Backup by Cloning the ESXi USB Stick

Although there are a number of utilities out for doing an ESXi Configuration backup, I try to shoot for the easiest method, and for me, it was just cloning my ESXi USB stick. However, ESXi uses it's own file system, and you can't simply copy the files from one USB to another; you need to image them. Enter a nice little free tool called USB Image Tool. USB Image Tool Overview USB Image Tool does two things, and it does them well: it creates an image of a USB drive and stores it to disk, and it … [Read more...]

ESXi 5.0 AMD Whitebox Server for $500 with Passthrough (IOMMU), Build #2

As I spoke about in my first post, ESXi 5.0 AMD Whitebox Server for $500 with Passthrough (IOMMU), my ESXi Home Lab is a bit different than most in that I'm not only looking for a lab, but also a production environment to run virtualized HTPCs (XBMC in a VM), and even virtualized PCs for the house. All hardware had to be consumer, but it also had to support ESXi HA (high availability), ESXi DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler, also known as clustering), ESXi FT (fault tolerance), and other … [Read more...]

ESXi 5.0 AMD Whitebox Server for $500 with Passthrough (IOMMU)

One of the things that I looked for in building my ESXi Home Lab was that I wanted enough hardware at a decently cheap price, to get get practice with the advanced features such as vMotion, Fault Tolerance, and Networking, but I also wanted a functional lab where I could do things like virtualize my NAS and HTPC for the house. In fact, I ended up virtualizing all but a single PC in the house (both my wife and my son use a virtual computer as their everyday desktop), but that's for another … [Read more...]