Power Consumption: ESXi Home Lab

One of the bigger questions that I've always gotten about my builds is what is my energy consumption.  That's something I've always been able to estimate, however, I've never taken the time to actually watch the wattage load with my Kill-a-Watt, or anything else.  Primarily because my lab is also a production lab, it very rarely comes down for any amount of time.  Last night gave me that opportunity. Battery Backup for ESXi: APC BR1500G and APC BR24BPG My lab had been running on an older, … [Read more...]

ESXi 5.0 AMD Whitebox Server for $500 with Passthrough (IOMMU)

One of the things that I looked for in building my ESXi Home Lab was that I wanted enough hardware at a decently cheap price, to get get practice with the advanced features such as vMotion, Fault Tolerance, and Networking, but I also wanted a functional lab where I could do things like virtualize my NAS and HTPC for the house. In fact, I ended up virtualizing all but a single PC in the house (both my wife and my son use a virtual computer as their everyday desktop), but that's for another … [Read more...]

DIY 19″ Server Rack for Home Servers and/or ESXi VMWare Lab

One of the pipe dreams of many a home networking geek, or those involved in the IT field is a server rack loaded with hardware at home. Although there are a number of potential pitfalls with this (higher electricity bill, Internet connectivity and speed, dynamic IPs, and more), many times, it's simply the prohibitive price of the server rack and hardware itself that manages to put people off from this. CraigsList can be a wonderful source for old server racks, but sometimes, you'll have to … [Read more...]